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Recorded on Wednesday May 29, 2013

Facebook is now a serious lead generating tools with Partner Categories.

Partner Categories combines vehicle registration, rewards cards and auto intender profiles generating the best leads possible. During this webinar Paul Potratz will show you how to create the ads, content and strategy to leverage this tool and in 30 days your leads will double for sales, service, extended warranties, and parts. This is one marketing strategy that you can implement completely in-house without hiring any 3rd party companies. Also it will be one of your top lead generating sources in 30 days. Presented by:
  • Paul PotratzPaul Potratz COO, Potratz Partners Advertising Paul Potratz is a contributor to several media partners such as NY Times, NY Post, The Wall Street Journal and also speaks at a number of automotive events like JD Power, CPO Forum, NADA, Driving Sales Executive Summit, NADA 20, and NCM 20. Paul is also a partner at POTRATZ which is a full service automotive advertising agency that focuses on fully integrating a complete portfolio of services to drive results for their clients.

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