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Recorded on Thursday May 2, 2013

Learn how to avoid fines by preparing for the unavoidable regulatory inspection.

Learn the best practices on how to prepare for a regulatory inspection from OSHA, EPA or DOT. Maintaining a compliant workplace is always an important aspect of preparedness, but what procedures should you follow once the regulator is onsite? Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of knowing when the next inspection will occur, at what facility, and for what purpose – EPA, OSHA, DOT/FAA, Fire Marshall, State, County, or City regulators. This webinar will cover what you should expect when the regulators unexpectedly show up at your facility and how to handle it. Knowing what to expect will reduce stress regarding the inspection process and may minimize your risk of potential fines. Presented by:
  • Trevor StageTrevor Stage Channel Partner Manager, KPA Trevor is the Channel Partner Manager and works with KPA partners to develop strategic relationships and enhance compliance, loss control, and risk management practices. Trevor has worked for KPA since 2005 in operation and sales positions. He holds degrees in both Safety Studies and Psychology.

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