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Recorded on Wednesday May 15, 2013

Learn what is necessary for successful reputation management for your dealership.

Reputation Management can be done right, but that takes understanding how it works - or doesn't! With 5 Ways to Evaluate Your Reputation Management, social media expert Matthew Funk explores the basics of successful reputation management and helps you discover what to measure about this critical business investment. Drawing on lessons learned and products evaluated at the Digital Dealer Conference, this webinar assists advanced users and beginners alike in determining what your reputation management solution needs.

There is no doubt that Reputation Management is among the top new technologies necessary for auto dealers in today's internet-driven world, but many so-called solutions only lead to further problems. 5 Ways to Evaluate Your Reputation Management cites techniques and priorities from specific examples to show you which rep management methods will help your dealership and which will hinder it. Subjects will range from the Role of Review Sites to Flattening Your Bounce Rate in this display of best practices, backed by metrics. Discover the fundamentals of this essential practice with tools and knowledge that come hot from the auto industry's latest tech show.
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  • Matthew FunkMatthew Funk Social Media Marketer , KPA Matthew Funk is a Social Media Specialist and writer for KPA. Matthew has directed and executed the social media strategy for businesses ranging from internet start-ups to major corporations and in media from print to 3-D virtual worlds. He is also a moderator of several forums on writing, a writing mentor and the author of several fiction and non-fiction pieces online. You can find out more about him at

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