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Recorded on Thursday February 7, 2013

Do you have the new commission compensation plans ready for your dealership?

With the recent passage of Assembly Bill 1396, all California employers that pay employees on a commission basis must provide those employees with a written agreement or pay plan. These pay plans have very specific requirements on what needs to be included and defined. Dealers need to develop a system to regulate how pay plans are drafted, determine who has authority to distribute them, and a system to ensure compliance with the signature and “receipt” requirements. Join John Boggs in this webinar to learn the critical steps you need to get started on implementing new pay plans for your dealership. Presented by:
  • John BoggsJohn Boggs Partner, Fine, Boggs and Perkins, LLP The managing partner of Fine, Boggs and Perkins LLP. John is a long-time attorney focusing on employment law representing dealerships. A significant portion of his practice involves dealer-related issues. He is intimately familiar with the special issues dealers face when it comes to labor and employment issues.

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