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Recorded on Thursday May 23, 2013

What dealerships need to be watching for!

In this webinar Nick Hardesty will take a quick look back at the most recent changes from OSHA, and a closer look at OSHA’s regulatory plan and what dealerships might expect from OSHA in the future. From enforcement policy and GHS to I2P2, recordkeeping, and whistleblower protection regulations.

Much of the talk regarding OSHA recently has surrounded the update to the Hazard Communication Standard. This however is not the only agenda on OSHA’s plate that dealerships need to know. On a semiannual basis OSHA releases their regulatory agenda of which the most recent came out in December 2012.

Dealers have plenty on their plates these days attempting to stay in compliance, however it is always appropriate, and smart, to look ahead at what possible changes are on the horizon, and understand how they may affect your business. OSHA is in a position to further its enforcement and regulatory priorities in significant ways in the years to come and dealers should be prepared.
Presented by:
  • Nick HardestyNick Hardesty District Manager, KPA For over 10 years, Nick has been assisting dealers in determining their level of regulatory and safety compliance with KPA. Nick currently resides over KPA’s North Central District, as well as overseeing new engineer training and multiple national accounts. His emphasis has been on working with dealers to not only obtain, but also maintain their compliance programs.

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