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Recorded on Thursday October 11, 2012

The little things that dealerships always forget and step into that turn into big fines.

Keeping a clean dealership free from hazards may seem like common sense, but there are many regulations that must be complied with in general Dealership Housekeeping. Small details in housekeeping can add up to very large fines for your dealership. The overall feeling that a regulator gets when they step into your facility will set the stage for the rest of their compliance visit. Learn how to make this first impression a good one.

Above and beyond all of the compliance needs, having a well-kept dealership will also help you leave a positive lasting impression with your customers. So don’t “Sweep It Under the Rug” and join this webinar to learn how to stay compliant at your facility.
Presented by:
  • Amanda RawlsAmanda Rawls South Central District Manager, KPA Amanda is a KPA District Manager based out of Austin, Texas. Amanda came to KPA in May of 2008. She specializes in compliance procedures and serves as a Project Group Leader for large and small auto groups. Prior to KPA, Amanda earned a Master of Environmental Management (MEM) and a BS degree in Environmental Science from Texas Christian University. She has worked as an Environment and Safety Consultant for more than ten years including emergency disaster response following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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