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Recorded on Thursday April 24, 2014

Are you really compliant?

How often are you told something that seems too good to be true? Whether in your personal or professional life, there are always those things that you hear that don’t seem right. One person says it, another person tells someone else and then everybody starts to believe the “myth.” In today’s overly sensitive regulatory landscape it happens quite often. Whether or not the myth started innocently or with malicious intent doesn’t really matter. One thing is for certain, it makes your life much harder as you try to do the right thing and comply with OSHA, EPA or DOT standards. In this webinar we will take a look at the most commonly heard myths that find their way into dealerships. With topics ranging from OSHA compliance through waste disposal and to loss control, we will make sure that you leave this webinar with the truth. Presented by:
  • Nick HardestyNick Hardesty District Manager, KPA For over 10 years, Nick has been assisting dealers in determining their level of regulatory and safety compliance with KPA. Nick currently resides over KPA’s North Central District, as well as overseeing new engineer training and multiple national accounts. His emphasis has been on working with dealers to not only obtain, but also maintain their compliance programs.

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