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Recorded on Wednesday November 14, 2012

If you’re not closing 15% of your Internet leads, you must attend this webinar.

Jerry gave an entire session on this topic at Digital Dealer, now you can get the same information without leaving your dealership.

Jerry Thibeau, founder of Phone Ninjas, will provide you with techniques on how to deliver a world-class response to Internet customers. Jerry will cover response times, outbound phone calls, and e-mail templates, and you will even learn how to create a personalized video message for your clients.

What will you learn and what action items will you take back to the dealership?
  • Learn how to respond to an Internet lead in less than 15 minutes.
  • Learn how to employ proper techniques when making an outbound call to an Internet customer.
  • Learn to write e-mail template copy that get results.
  • Learn how to make a personalized video message to each Internet lead.
Presented by:
  • Jerry ThibeauJerry Thibeau President, Phone Ninjas Jerry Thibeau is the president and founder of Phone Ninjas, a company focused on helping dealerships improve phone skills. Jerry is a 27-year automotive veteran and has earned the nickname "The Phone Ninja" for his ability to turn even the hardest of phone shoppers into real appointments that show. Having personally listened to and provided coaching feedback on more than 10,000 sales calls, Thibeau is the industry's best and brightest when it comes to evaluating a phone conversation. In 2011, Jerry logged 142 flights over a span of forty weeks speaking at dealerships, dealer associations and key industry conferences. Jerry has written countless articles for the industry and is an active blogger on all of the popular automotive social media sites.

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