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Recorded on Thursday March 14, 2013

Learn the requirements on hearing protection and keeping your employees safe.

Join Environment & Safety Engineer Amanda Rawls for an in-depth look at the many important aspects of evaluating, mitigating, and protected against excessive noise. This webinar will cover:
  • The facts about hearing protection
  • The ear and sound
  • Effects of noise
  • Common sources of Dealership Noise
  • Prevention of hearing injuries
  • Benefits of hearing conservation
  • OSHA regulations pertaining to hearing protection
Presented by:
  • Amanda RawlsAmanda Rawls South Central District Manager, KPA Amanda is KPA’s South Central Team Leader based out of Austin Texas. Amanda came to KPA in May of 2008. She specializes in compliance procedures and serves as a Project Group Leader for various large and small auto groups. Prior to KPA, Amanda earned a Master of Environmental Management (MEM) and a BS degree in Environmental Science from Texas Christian University. She has worked as an Environmental Consultant for five years including emergency disaster response following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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