Wednesday March 20, 2013, 10:00am Mountain Time

Learn how to navigate the future of social media with insider information from SXSW.

Matthew Funk has returned from the mecca of the interactive community, South by Southwest, and he’s bringing back the techniques, tools and revelations that they’re charging $1,000 a head for in Austin. 10 Social Media Secrets Slipped from SXSW will give you a down-to-earth view of the newest in South by Southwest social media from one of the foremost futuristic thinkers in the digital marketing world. Funk will cover each of these exclusive developments in interactive marketing, analyze it and apply it to your industry—the automotive space—both large and small.

SXSW concentrates the world’s thought leaders to plan the technologies of the future, but beginners and experts alike can benefit from 10 Social Media Secrets Slipped From SXSW. Funk simplifies complex systems by focusing on their core principles, turns buzzwords into basic English and shows you step-by-step methods of obtaining cutting-edge marketing tools. The universe of digital marketing will be explored through the lens of social media, with topics ranging from the Fate of Facebook, Evolutions in SEM/SEO and Where Mobile is Going—a comprehensive look at how social fits into all corners of your dealership’s commerce.

Packed with privileged information and picked apart by a leading expert, Funk’s 10 Social Media Secrets Slipped From SXSW will help you navigate the future of digital marketing.
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  • Matthew FunkMatthew Funk Social Media Marketer , KPA Matthew Funk is a Social Media Specialist and writer for KPA. Matthew has directed and executed the social media strategy for businesses ranging from internet start-ups to major corporations and in media from print to 3-D virtual worlds. He is also a moderator of several forums on writing, a writing mentor and the author of several fiction and non-fiction pieces online. You can find out more about him at

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