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Recorded on Thursday February 27, 2014

Learn what items should and should not be in a technicians automotive bay.

Think about how you kept your bedroom as a child. How would its appearance reflect upon you? Maybe you kept it neat and orderly, or maybe you had clothes and trash all over the place because you didn’t care how it looked. Many times one’s personal space gives a brief glimpse into a person’s typical behavior. If you're building a safety culture or you're just worried about regulation compliance then you must consider the upkeep of a technician’s workspace. Even though a technician’s tool box and items are personal belongings, the facility management team has the final say over the appearance of the dealership. Controlling the look and shape of a workspace can be an effective tool for loss control. Take a look around your service department. Do you know, with 100% certainty, whether or not the refrigerators, droplights, air guns, cage fans, etc, are compliant by OSHA regulations? Please join KPA Engineer Zach Pucillo as he takes a glance at a technician’s workspace and the safety implications of the many items found in a technicians work bay. Presented by:
  • Zach PucilloZach Pucillo Engineer IV, KPA Zach Pucillo has worked for KPA as an Environmental and Safety Engineer for the past 6 years. He has assisted automotive dealerships, manufacturing plants, and warehouses with compliance and reducing the number of accidents. Zach is a Certified Safety Professional and an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer.

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